Baby Lila | Thank Goodness for Girls!


When my good friend Clarkie told me he and his wife Vick were expecting, I laughed.  Well I laughed because almost anything out of Clarke’s mouth makes me laugh.  He’s a funny guy.  Don’t tell him I said that…it might go to his head.  I think that’s why I keep him around.  (Having a bad day? Call Clarkie, he will single-handedly mock me 20x in one sentence and even though I was feeling like crap, his “mockery” somehow makes me feel better.   I tell him my problems, and at the end of the conversation somehow he’s got me laughing about them thinking…”Ah, ain’t so bad…could be worse, I could be Vick and married to that” and somehow my day just gets better)  🙂 🙂 (You knew that was coming!)  And I laughed because well, Vick, now you’re tied to this guy for life…think about that.  Scary huh?!?! I know…but it’s ok, you got this beautiful little girl out of it and I guess she will make it worth it!

Anyways, when your good friend mates with a beautiful woman, you get a beautiful little girl that everyone is praying does NOT have her father’s “quick” wit…or hairy chest.

Just a quick preview, meet beautiful and so far, quiet, baby Lila:









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